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Dear Summit .@Twilight a heartfelt letter to you & the Twi Saga cast - from my bestie @callsignC30

Below is without a doubt one of the most heartfelt letters I have read in a really long time.  I hope you embrace this letter and that it could possibly be shared with Stehpenie, cast and crew.  The Twi Saga Fandom truly has some of the most magnificent fans on the planet!  I am so honored to call @callsingC30 not only my Twitter bestie, but also through The Twilight Saga - now a personal friend, who was gracious enough to share her backyard in the Pacific North West (and the world of Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT) with me as she was our tour guide on a trip of a lifetime last summer!

Shiny Volvo Owner

On Friday 21st January 2011, @callsignC30 said:

Dear @twilight Stephenie, Catherine, Chris, @david_a_slade Robert, Kristen, Taylor, @peterfacinelli @ashleymgreene @kellanlutz Nikki, Jackson, Elizabeth, @billy_burke Xavier, @rachellelefevre Dakota, Bryce, Cam @iamedigathegi @AnnaKendrick47 @cserratos @MichaelWelchAct @danielcudmore @tysonhouseman @thealexmeraz @sonofbrown @gilbirmingham @justinchon @jamiebower @michaelsheen @CircaKiGordon @tinselkorey @mammarazzi1 @alchemission and all writers, producers, costume designers, and everyone who has played even the smallest of roles,

As the gorgeous new title treatment for Breaking Dawn Part One was revealed today, it occurred to me that this is it. As Robert said, "the end of an era."

So I wanted to take some time out to offer all of you, a HUGE THANK YOU.

THANK YOU STEPHENIE for not only introducing us to your unique world of mythical creatures but for bringing some very well deserved attention to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Lewis and Clark may have put us on the map, but you immortalized us.

Your story has had a very profound impact on my life. It has introduced me to amazing people, and sent me to amazing places both real and imagined.

THANK YOU SUMMIT for bringing this story to life on screen for the first time and for introducing us to a wonderful group of actors. And thank you most especially for filming right in my back yard. Thanks to you, I get to tell everyone, "it does in my world." And it has also given me the opportunity to share it with people from all of the country.

THANK YOU CATHERINE for your attention to detail and for romance, spider monkeys, pea coats, vampires that juggle baseball bats, slow walks through a cafeteria, a prom that I wish I had attended, and amazing wide shots of the Columbia River Gorge.

A million more movies could be made, but yours will always remain my favorite.

THANK YOU CHRIS, for bringing our Edward and Bella back together in such a grand, heart-melting way.

THANK YOU DAVID for among many things, Jasper, and your treatment of his story. It was my favorite part of the book and the scene I wanted to see more than anything. In a word, it was perfect.

THANK you in advance to BILL. You were given perhaps the biggest task of cover us in feathers, give us a baby and introduce a new vampire into the world. And from what you have shown us so far, I don't think we will be at all disappointed in what you bring to the last phase of this journey.

I want to say a very special THANK YOU, however, to the ACTORS.

You had very big shoes to fill. And you had the expectations of perhaps the most vocal and opinionated fandoms of all time. And you not only rose to the occasion, you rocked our world!

I have had the opportunity to meet many of you through conventions, concerts, and a vampire baseball game.

RACHELLE, I will never forget how you took the time to send a personal message to my mom when she started her cancer treatment.

JACKSON, your phone call to me solidified your place at the top of my list.

Through all of the screaming and hysteria, questions, bite requests, marriage proposals, relationship inquiries, demands to remove clothing, autograph requests, photo opportunities, and grueling hours of traveling to do promotion work, you have been nothing but gracious and professional and have been kind enough to take us with you on every step of this great journey.

And I think I speak for all of us when I tell you how much we appreciate every second of the time you give to your fans.

The Twilight Saga has been a light during some very dark days for myself, my family and friends. I wish everyone who has ever been involved nothing but the best for your lives and careers.

I will continue to support you beyond this time we have had in Forks, and greatly look forward to seeing what you will do next.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Most sincerely,


A devoted fan and thanks to you, a shiny VOLVO owner from Oregon

SOURCE my bestie and Dear Friend @callsignC30

MTV asks, 'Does BD Part I Title Card reflect tone of the movie?'

Keeping with the tradition and look of the first three films, "Twilight," "New Moon" and "Eclipse," this "Dawn" title card has the same font (its official name is Zephyr) that fans have come to know and love. And while the card for "Twilight" was red, "New Moon" was gold and "Eclipse" was shiny silver, this card for Part 1 of "Dawn" is a reddish orange — the color of, well, the sky as dawn breaks. According to Summit, each card has a unique color to reflect the tone of the story.

So judging from this intense color, what might we expect from the film that we don't already know about? Those who've read and obsessed over Stephenie Meyer's novels know that the conclusion to the "Twilight Saga" packed a punch, complete with a vampire transformation, a marriage, a baby and a battle.

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Summit's Official Twitter has released the title treatment for 'The Twilight Saga: BREAKING DAWN Part 1

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Robert Pattinson on Red Carpet 2011 Golden Globe Awards